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CL200 EXTECH Chlorine Meter Total Chlorine Meter

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CL200 EXTECH Chlorine Meter CL200 Chlorine Meter CL0.01 Easy-to-use chlorine water meter. Measurement Resolution XNUMXppm
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Chlorine Meter Total Chlorine Meter CL200 EXTECH

CL200 Waterproof ExStik® Chlorine Meter

CL200 Chlorine Meter Waterproof Exstik

Measure all chlorine directly by measuring the minimum chlorine concentration 0.01ppm and the color and turbidity of the liquid measured. Does not affect the chlorine measurement.

- Convenient and easy to measure.chlorineIt takes less than 2 minutes to measure.

- Highly accurate chlorine value up to 0.01ppm, with color and turbidity. Does not affect the chlorine measurement.

- The system records and retrieves 15 values.

- US EPA certified for all chlorine measurements of wastewater.

CL200 Chlorine meterTechnical Specifications Chlorine meter รุ่น CL200

Measuring rangechlorine 0.01 to 10.00ppm (10 to 50ppm if using Dilution)
Temperature measuring range: 23 ° is 194 ° F (-5 ° to + 90 ° C)
Measurement Resolution: 0.01ppm; 0.1 ° F / ° C
Precision: ± 10% of reading ± 0.01ppm; ± 1.8 ° F / ± 1 ° C
LR44 Battery Button 4
weight: 3.8oz (110g)

How to use

1. Bring sample water into the 20 ml. Cup. Reagent CL203 Go to 1 tablets.

2. Shake the cup of sample water to dissolve the tablets.

3 CL200 Chlorine Meter And dip the electrode into the sample water.

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