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Refractometer Refractometer PAL-2

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Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Refractometer

PAL-2 sweetness meter

Everyone is talking about the new "Pocket" as featured on recent TV programs and magazines.

Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Refractometer PAL-2

The PAL-2 has all the great features of the PAL-1, but with a higher measurement range from 45.0-93.0% Brix. The PAL-2 is water resistant (rated at IP65), so clean up of viscous samples can be done easily by placing the instrument under running water.
High temperature boiled samples such as jam, marmalade or maple syrup can also be measured. For these samples, the PAL-2 will give steady readings once the measurement is repeated a few times (and the temperature of the sample and the prism surface conforms to the ambient temperature).

In addition, the new feature of the PAL-2 is that daily "zero-setting" (calibration) can be performed using just water.

No more need for any calibration liquid!





Measurement Range

Brix 45.0 is 93.0%


Brix 0.1%

Measurement Accuracy

Brix ± 0.2%

Ambient Temperature

10 is 40 ° C

Measurement Temperature

10 is 75 ° C
(Automatic Temperature Compensation)

Sample Volume

0.3 ml

Power Supply

2 × AAA Batteries


3 seconds

Dimensions & Weight

55 (W) × 31 (D) × 109 (H) mm, 100g (Main Unit only)

Certificate of Calibration

Cer PAL-2

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