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RHB-92TATC / JEDTO Honey Refractometer

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RHB-92TATC / JEDTO Honey Refractometer Designed to work with sugary liquids. High sugar content such as honey, milk, jam, and syrup helps to monitor and regulate sugar concentration. (Other functions: for "cooked" check)
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Sweetener in Honey Model RHB-92TATC Brand JEDTO

Honey refractometer


1. High quality pure aluminum body construction

2. Usb ambient light chỉ có khả năng thay thế gói hay power source không phải cần thiết

3. Easy to focus and calibrate

4. Cushioned with soft & comfortable non-slip rubber

5. With ATC function (ATC Compensation Range: 10 ° C ~ 30 ° C)

6. Durable and built to last


Measurement Rang Min. Div. Accuracy
58-92% Brix 0.5% Brix ± 0.502%
38-43 Be 0.5 Be ± 0.5Be '
12-27% Water 1% Water ± 1% Water

Package list:

1x ATC Refractometer

1x Pipettes

1x A Mini-screw driver

1x Protective carrying case

1x manual

1x Clean cloth

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