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Speedometer The 3 design is based on the following basic principles:

1 The design is based on the principle of magnetic field.

Use the same principle as the generator. Is the principle of สนาม แม่เหล็ก The tool will be fed directly. When the object we are interested in rotates through a conductor wire, it induces a voltage induction. The voltage or voltage can be calculated to calculate the rotation of the object we are interested in. Based on the basic output power equations.

Pm (w) = T (Nm) * N (RPM)

Pm is the mechanical force on the output side.

T is torch

N is the magnetic field velocity.

The number of cycles measured is N (RPM) = Pm (w) ÷ T (Nm)

2 The design is based on the principle of light from the infrared sensor.

From the features of the infrared sensor This is a light-sensitive detector. When the infrared sensor receives a certain amount of light. This will cause different voltages or voltages. In this case, the circuit must be connected to make the infrared sensor work. When the infrared sensor detects a change in light intensity, it transmits the signal from this measurement to the electrical signal. It can generate a frequency counter to calculate the roundness of the object that is rotating through the infrared sensor. In measuring around it. Reflector plates must be attached to this rotating object.

3 The design is based on the stochastic phenomenon.

Phenomenon Stoibox Is a phenomenon that studies the rotation of the object through a stoco-bubble that is drilled into the groove and rotates as shown. Just like measuring the speed of photography or video. The frequency of capture is often expressed in units. Frames per second Based on this principle. Modern scopes with flashing lights are commonly used to capture images, or we commonly know that flat light shines on moving objects. Then take the capture frequency (number of frames per second) to calculate the speed of the rotating object. Speedometer design in this way. It's the most advanced of the two. Speedometer Sto bososcope is suitable for many applications. It is a non-destructive measurement of the workpiece is no need to touch the workpiece, it can. Measure around have

DT-6236B Tachometer

DT-6236B / ST-6236B CEM Tachometer

2,970.00 ฿
DT-6236B / ST-6236B CEM 2 Speed ​​Meter Contact and Contact High Accuracy Digital Contact / Non-contact Tachometer
461834 EXTEC
461834 Lamp Xenon for Strobes

461834 Extech Xenon Lamp for Strobes

2,200.00 ฿
461834 Extech Xenon Lamp for Strobes
461880 EXTECH
461880 EXTECH

461880 EXTECH Vibration Meter And speed

37,800.00 ฿
461880 EXTECH Vibration Meter And speed The Vibration Meter + Laser / Contact Tachometer is both tactile and non-tactile.

Combination Contact / Photo Tachometer 461895

10,100.00 ฿
The Extech 461895 combination tachometer provides wide RPM (photo and contact) and linear surface speed (contact) measurements.
AT-6 Tachometer

AT-6 / CEM Tachometer

3,400.00 ฿
AT-6 / CEM Digital Speed ​​Meter Digital Tachometer Fast Measurement Measuring Range 2 to 99,999 rpm Latest Measurement Function Maximum and Min.

Digital Stroboscope DT-2350P

Tachometer Speed ​​Motor Tachometer Tachometer Digital Tachometer RPM Meter> Digital Stroboscope DT-2350PA

DT-2350PC / JEDTO Handheld Digital Stroboscopes

8,700.00 ฿
DT-2350PC / JEDTO Handheld Digital Stroboscopes Large Screen Stroboscope Accurate measurement Portable ready-to-use equipment
DT2236B Speed ​​Meter

DT2236B / JEDTO Tachometer

1,900.00 ฿
Tachometer Speed ​​Tachometer Speed ​​Tachometer RPM Meter> Tachometer
DT2350PA Strobooscope

DT2350PA / JEDTO Digital Rechargeable Stroboscope

8,330.00 ฿
DT2350PA / JEDTO Digital Rechargeable Stroboscope Precise LCD display with precise manual guidance.
GM8905 Digital Tachometer

GM8905 BENETECH Digital Tachometer

GM8905 BENETECH Digital Tachometer Measurement Range 2.5 to 99999rpm Accuracy ± (0.1% n + 5d) rpm
RPM33 Tachometer

RPM33 EXTECH Tachometer

7,600.00 ฿
RPM33 EXTECH Tachometer Speed ​​Meters have touch measuring ranges (2 up to 19,999 rpm) and non-contact (2 up to 99,999 rpm).
461831 EXTECH
461831 Stroboscope

461831 EXTECH Digital Stroboscope

10,100.00 ฿
461831 EXTECH Digital Stroboscope is a measurement and analysis of movement and speed using flash rates (FPM).
461995 Tachometer

461995 EXTECH Tachometer

11,600.00 ฿
461995 EXTECH Tachometer Contact / Laser Photo Tachometer Contactless Tachometer Measured in 6.5 Foot
DT-6234B Tachometer
DT-6234B Tachometer

DT-6234B / CEM Tachometer

2,600.00 ฿
DT-6234B / CEM Non-Contact Light Meter Tachometer Measuring Range 2.5 to 99,999RPM Resolution 0.1RPM
RPM10 EXTECH Tachometer
RPM10 Tachometer

RPM10 EXTECH Speedometer / Touch + IR Thermometer

12,600.00 ฿
RPM10 EXTECH Tachometer And infrared thermometer Can measure both touch and non-contact speed.
Reflective Tape TAP-90
Reflective tape TAP-90

Reflective tape TAP-90

120.00 ฿
Tachometer Tachometer Tachometer Reflective glue Reflective Tape TAP-90
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