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407119 Anemometer407119 Air Flow Meter

407119 EXTECH Hotwire Anemometer

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407119 EXTECH Hotwire Speed ​​Meter Sensor designed for HVAC applications with high accuracy.
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Hotwire Speed ​​Gauge 407119

Heavy Duty CFM Hot Wire Thermo-Anemometer

Key Features

- sensor Wind Speed ​​Meter Design suitable for HVAC
- Big screen 1.4 finger extra with display 2 value.
- วัดwind speedMin up to 40 ft / min
- High accuracy.
- Tell the maximum, minimum and average values.
- Can hold And automatically turn off when not in use.
- Computer Interface (Option 407001 software)
- Propeller with long 3.9 feet
- Alkaline batteries AAA 1.5Vx6

Accurately measures Air Flow (CFM / CMM) Air velocity plus ° F / ° C

- Air velocity measurements as low as 40ft / min
- Telescoping probe is ideal for use in ducts and ventilating systems; XtUMXft (3mm) extends
- Measures air volume in CFM (ft3/ min) and CMM (m3min) plus Temperature simultaneously
- Air Flow được hiển thị trong chế độ 2 như là một giá trị bất kỳ instant
- Record / Recall MIN and MAX readings
- Super large 1.4 "(99,999 count) LCD display
- Data Hold plus Auto Power Off
- Built-in RS-232 PC interface with optional Data Acquisition software and cable

Spec Summary:

ft / min:
40 is 3346ft / min
0.5 to 38.0MPH
0.4 to 33.0knots
m / s:
0.2 is 17.0m / s
km / h:
0.7 is 61.2km / h
32 is 122 ° F
0 is 50 ° C
CMM (meter3/ min):
0 is 36,000m3/ Min
CFM (feet3/ min):
0 to 1,271,200ft3/ Min

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