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Anemometer AR866

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Portable Thermal Anemometer Wind Speed ​​Meter AR866 air flow rate
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AR866 Anemometer

Portable Thermal Anemometer Wind Speed ​​Meter


Hot-film anemometers use Air flowing past the film has a cooling effect on the film. As the electrical resistance of the metal


Measuring Range of Temperature

-10C to 45C

Wind Speed ​​Measuring Range

0.3 is 30 m / s

wind volume range

0 - 999900

Air Velocity / Air Flow Selection

Celius / Ferhenheit Selection

Accuracy of temperature

± 2 C

Accuracy of Wind speed

± 3% ± 0.1dgts

Auto / Manual Power Off

Wind Speed ​​Unit Selection

M / s, Ft / min, Knots
Km / hr, Mph

Back Light Display

Max / Min wind speed measuring

Average And current wind speed


0.1m / s 0.2

Data hold function


USB transmission

{tortags, 3001,3}

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