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DT-8920 CEM Pressure MonitorsDT-8920 CEM Pressure Monitors

DT-8920 / CEM Pressure and Flow Meter

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DT-8920 / CEM Pressure Monitors Pressure and Flow Meter Large, easy-to-read LCD display.
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Wind Speed ​​Meter DT 8920

Pressure and Flow Meter // Include PITOT TUBE

600C maximum temperature sensor

Anemometers Air velocity Meters Anemo-Manometer DT-8920

DT-8920 Pressure and Flow Meter

8920 is a Pressure and flow meter simultaneously with an easy-to-read, large, backlit LCD display. Measurement data is printed on site with minimum and maximum values. It can monitor air pressure across key HVAC components, and Ensure proper air flow balance and Maintain a comfortable environment.


1.Larger LCD display with backlight.DT 8920

2.Relative time clock on MAX MIN và AVG provides a time reference for measurement.

3.Pressure, velocity air fl measurement provides Zero Adjust.

4.Display pressure, Air velocity or air fl ow plus environment

5.Temperature simultaneously.

XYUMX.Easy to calculate the area of ​​a rectangular or circular duct.

7.USB interface, USB to UART Bridge Controller ..

8.Low battery indication, and Auto Power Off mode (Sleep mode) increases.

Accuracy ± 0.3% FSO (25 ° C)
Repeatability ± 0.2% (Max. ± 0.5% FSO)
Linearity / Hysteresis ± 0.29% FSO
Pressure Range ± 5000Pa
Kích áp áp dụng 10psi
Response Time 0.5 Seconds typical
Over indicator Indicator OL
Under range Indicator -OL
Measurement Units Range Resolution
PSI 0.7252 0.0001
mbar 50.00 0.01
inH2O 20.07 0.01
mmH2O 509.8 0.1
Pa 5000 1Pa (0.1Pa only 8920B)
Air Velocity
Range Resolution Accuracy
m / s (meter per second) We answer immediately. 0.001 ± 2.5% of reading at 10.00m / s
ft / min (feet per minute) We answer immediately. 1 Accuracy is a function of velocity and duct size.
km / h (kilometers per hour) We answer immediately. 0.1
MPH (miles per hour) We answer immediately. 0.01
Knots (nautical miles per hour) We answer immediately. 0.1
Air Flow
Range Resolution
CFM 0-99.999ft3 / min 0.0001 100 to
CMM 0-99.999m3 / min 0.001 100 to
Range Resolution Accuracy
° C 0 is 50.0 ° C 0.1 ± 1.0 ° C
° F 32.0 is 122.0 ° F 0.1 ± 2.0 ° F


9V battery, USB cable, software, pitot tube, Gift box with carrying case.

DT 8920

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