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PONPE W29-1 Anemometer Anemometer

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PONPE W29-1 Anemometer anemometer for measuring wind speed outside the building, such as a rooftop building, measuring the wind force in meteorology With notification system
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Wind Speed ​​Meter PONPE W29-1


Product Introduction

Wind speed sensor, the main structure parts, corrosion resistance, and rotating parts are used to prevent water from dust and the invasion.

Performance Features

1. The accuracy of the data acquisition is high, the reliability is strong;
2. The wind speed measuring range is wide, and the wind speed is low;
3. Metal housing, corrosion resistance, strong wind resistance;
4. Against lightning, strong anti-RF surge and electromagnetic interference, polarity protection, etc ...

Technical Parameters

- Range: 0.5 ~ 50m / s
- Starting wind speed: <0.5m / s
- Limit wind velocity:> 70m / s
- Accuracy: +/- 0.5m / s (<5m / s) +/- 3% FS (> 5m / s)
- Resolution: 0.001
- Sampling rate: - Surge protection: EMC III
- Electrostatic protection: 15KV
- Protection grade: IP65
- Operation humidity: 0% ~ 95% RH
- Operating temperature: -20C ~ 85C
- Material: Aluminum alloy
- Alarm: Relay: NO AC250V / 3A or DCV / 3A
- Power supply: 220V AC
- Dimensions (meter): 96 * 48 * 85mm


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