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VVD Speed ​​SensorVVD Speed ​​Sensor

Vaavud Smartphone Anemometer Accessory VVD

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Vaavud Smartphone Anemometer Accessory VVD is very durable. Comes with free apps for iPhone or Android.
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Speed ​​Sensor VVD

Vaavud Smartphone Anemometer Accessory


  • Vaavud the word for wind, in the language of the Norse Gods, according to Norse mythology.
  • The Vaavud Wind meter comes with a free iPhone or iPhone app, and it is probably for thid party apps to integrate the Vaavud functionality into their interface.
  • The Vaavud The app uses the magnetic field sensor that is built into all modern smartphones. Wind meter itself contains no electronics; just a couple of small magnets. Đĩa được chuyển được bằng bộ đo kính vùng và tốc độ sang tốc độ
  • the technology is Patent Pending
  • the Vaavud anemometer very durable, and in the unlikely event that sand, dirt, etc. should get into the moving parts of the snap-fit ​​design allows for easy disassembly by the user for cleaning with water.
  • the electronic-less design also means fewer moving parts and less chance of failure.
  • The spinning cups are insensitive to the direction of the wind, regardless of how the user holds the device.


SENSOR TYPE 2-Cup plastic rotor; Không care where unit is pointed.
SPEED RANGE 2 - 25 m / s (5-55mph)
DISPLAY Works with Android or iPhone App - download from iTunes. Smartphone / Tablet not included!
UPDATE RATE Approximately 1Hz (1 second)

snaps into the headphone jack of your smartphone or tablet
includes a neoprene handy carrying bag

ACCURACY approx. 4% of reading

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