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VANTAGE PRO2 Davis Weather Station Weather Station

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VANTAGE PRO2 Weather Station Weather Station Vantage Pro2 Temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall, air pressure for various researches such as agriculture, weather analysis, weather monitoring.
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VANTAGE PRO2 Vantage Pro2 Weather Meter

Weather Station

Customized features have flexible options and accuracy along with excellent performance.

Various sensors
Rain gauge Wind Speed ​​Measurement อุณหภูมิ และ ความชื้น The sensors in this kit are resistant to UV and solar radiation.

Weather information
Weather information is updated every 2.5 seconds.

Cable and Wireless
Wireless transmission From the station to the display set up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) and can be transmitted through a maximum cable 1,000 feet (300 meters)

Can add station sensors and accessories to your needs.

Features and Benefits

Davis Vantage Pro2 It is a weather and storm testing machine. A customizable station with options and sensors. To help experts and researchers to measure and manage the weather data. Our stations are designed to withstand sunlight, burn, corrosion and wind loads, 200 miles per hour, chill temperature and more. The product design provides maximum reliability, reliability and durability.

Station Vantage Pro2 All have a set of display screens. A versatile sensor kit that can be customized by adding or selecting special options. The wind gauge can be installed separately from the rain collector.

Vantage Pro2 Display

You get your local forecasts for highs, lows, totals, or averages. And the graph for the weather variables throughout the 24 h is a day, a month or a whole year without a computer.

Vantage Pro2 ConsoleMore information on the display screen.

1 displays the current and past history: View current or highs and lows as 24 times and months or years.
2-12 Hourly display at the bottom of the display.
Show Time and Date: View the current date and time.
Wireless Antenna Cable: It is a wireless antenna receiving and transmitting antenna.
6 Transmission: For wireless stations, the main display screen can be forwarded to various sensors. More up to 1,000 feet or 300 meters.
Show Barometer: Position shows atmospheric pressure increase or decrease.
8 Display temperature value: Display position Outside temperature Moisture at all times.
9. Solar radiation display: When the solar sensor is mounted. Is shown alternately with Display temperature, display humidity
UV display: When installing a UV sensor, look at the current UV index daily or switch to see current UV and daily UV.
11 Variable display options: View temperature, humidity, humidity, UV index, wetness, cold air, dew point, and two heat indexes. (May require more sensors)
12 shows rain value: umbrella symbol appears when it rains. View the sum of the storms 24 times with start date and end date. View rainfall and daily rainfall Monthly or yearly
Status Indicator: Blinks to alert the connection between the display screen and the sensor.
Controls: Use the arrow keys to scroll through the data on the graph or view highs and lows over time. The plus and minus buttons simplify switching.
15 Display Status and Functions: Provides detailed forecasts. Additional information about current conditions. Displays more than 100 messages.
Show Graph: Read graph or maximum and minimum values ​​16 hours, days, or months. View graphs over 24 graphs including temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and atmospheric pressure. Vertical changes depend on what you will set up the graph.
Alarm display: Alarm setting more than 17 multi-function simultaneously.
18. Wind Direction: The 16 compass displays the current wind direction and direction of the compass. View the wind direction to the 1 ° resolution or view the wind speed.
19. Vapor Transmission: When the solar sensor is installed. Optional to view ET rates per day, month, and year.

Vantage Pro2 sensor kit

Integrating the sensor into the rain gauge. Temperature and humidity sensors Wind Speed ​​Meter UV sensor and solar radiation sensor in one package. You can choose and add Vantage Pro2 Plus to suit your needs and your weather conditions.

Additional Information of the Sensor Vantage Pro2 Sensor

Wind Directional Sensor: Durable components Damage to wind, hurricane. But also the lightest wind. Measure the wind direction in compass points or degrees.
2 Wind Speed ​​Sensor: Rugged Composition Hurricane Damage But also the lightest wind. Low wind speeds up to 1 mph (1 km / h) and wind speeds up to 200 mph (320 km / h).
3 Rain Sensor: a measure of rainfall. Resolution up to 0.01 inches or 0.2 mm
4 Built-in cord: Lock or mount Vantage Pro2
5 Radiation Protection: Provides excellent protection from reflected and reflected heat for accurate temperature and humidity readings. Basic stations use standard radiation insulation. Exhaust fan 24 hours
6 temperature sensor Relative humidity: -40 ° F to 150 ° F (-40 ° C to 65 ° C) and relative humidity measurement from 1 to 100%
7 Solar and UV Sensors: An Extra Sensor To track sun rays, evaporation and UV indexes.
8 Wireless and Cable:
Wireless: Can transmit data up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) from the sensor set to the display screen.
Cable: Our lines are equipped with the most economical. Suitable for areas with minimal risk of lightning.
Weather protection: The anti-corrosion cover provides extreme durability in the electronics.
Solar Panel: Increases energy storage. On-board use at night. The lithium battery is a backup battery. Of the sensor device
Simple installation: quick and easy installation with mounting hardware. Sensor set mounted on pole from 11 to 1.00 inches (1.75 cm to 2.54 cm) in pole diameter. (Need to buy more)


series Vantage Pro2 Rugged and flexible, reliable weather information.

- internal temperature and humidity
- external temperature and humidity
- atmospheric pressure
- Dew Point
- Rainfall
- wind speedAnd directional sensors
- UV and solar sensors
- More temperature and humidity sensors

Reliable transmission

Wireless Vantage Pro2 Use a solar-powered backup transmitter to keep your data flowing. Vantage Pro2 radio frequency transmitters will send and receive data up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) and transmit data over a cable.

Stations with gusts of 199 mph Weather meter

Vantage Pro2 is an air station in 2560 that survived the eyewall on the front of Irma (5 Hurricane) and recorded a wind force of 199 miles per hour. And the highest wind speed ever recorded by a weather station.

The station, owned by Serge Brin, is located on an 21-inch pole on a cliff on the north shore of St. Barthelemy, a north-easteasterly windsurfing course.

Vantage Pro2 Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Wind Speed ​​MeterExperimented with a wind speed of up to 200 mph. The surviving hurricane is a testament to our commitment to making weather tools work well. (Or, in this case, better) as a professional station.

Measuring devices are available wireless and wired.

Select the station with the most economical installation cable. Suitable for areas with minimal risk of lightning. Or choose the wireless system for the easiest installation, additional sensor options, and reduce the risk of high lightning damage. Wireless models have a solar transmitter that sends information to your display screen with ease.

Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Vue models work together effectively.

Transmitter Vantage Pro2 Supports radio waves. Vantage Vue So you can mix and match components. For example, add a Vantage Vue display to your Vantage Pro2 system.

Check the correct temperature data.

Choose from three options to reduce the error.temperatureCaused by solar radiation

- Use X-rays. For excellent temperature information.
- Add a new station using the Daytime Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield option to get better temperature data. Benefit from fan functionality at a cost less than the 24 X-ray radiation protection system, but nearly 75% is effective in reducing the effects of daytime radiation. Only work during daylight hours.
- Vantage Pro2 fan that can last up to 24 hours for maximum temperature accuracy. It combines passive protection with a solar powered fan that draws outside air above the temperature and humidity sensors.

Precise Precipitation Precise Precipitation

There are pins for protection and chasing birds. That may occur during installation Easy to maintain. And the built-in mounting bracket provides more accurate installation for precise precipitation data. Rainwater tank made of aluminum Corrosion protection and laser calibration for maximum accuracy.

Watch 12 up to 48 hours.

Vantage Pro2 Predict 12 hour forecast icon as well as 24 forecast up to 48 hours.

View and store your weather data on your computer or online.

When you add Weather Logger and unnecessary software. WeatherLink You can run additional analysis with WeatherLinkIP. Your data will be uploaded to your web page on You can save, view, and share your data.

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