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CTH10A Moisture MeterCTH10A Moisture Meter

CTH10A Extech Hygro-Thermometer

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Extech Thermometer Hygro-Thermometer The Clock Thermometer has a large clock display, 10 Inch (4.3 mm), can receive time code from NIST.
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Moisture Meter CTH10A

Radio Controlled Wall Clock + Hygro-Thermometer

CTH10A ExtechMoisture Meter The CTH10A has a large clock display, 4.3 (109 mm). It can receive a time code from NIST, a WWVB radio station (North America), and set the year, date, time, hour, minute. And automatically in the section of the screen shows the value oftemperature Moisture year, month, day, date and time.

Features of the machine.

1 can receive time codes from NIST, a WWVB radio station (North America).
2. Large display shows time value, moisture, temperature, Year, month, day and date
3 The 3 signal strength level display shows the connection status.
4 can be selected as 12 or 24 format.
5 can set the time for notifications.
5 4.3 display (109mm) Large mainstream watch easily viewed and remotely viewed.
7 Or hang onto the wall.

Large Wall / Desktop Clock with Calendar, Temperature and Relative Humidity Functions

The CTH10 is an attractive wall clock featuring an oversized 4.3 (109mm) digit time display that can be easily viewed from a greater distance than the regular sized clocks. , hour, minute, second, and daylight saving time. In addition, it also measures Temperature and Relative Humidity! Perfect for desktop or wall mount display. Clock gauge also features adjustable clock (DST) for daylight savings time (DST), programmable alarm clock with snooze feature, and a built-in desktop or wall-mount stand. Hoàn tất với thiết bị in stand và three C kích cỡ các gói

Digital Clock /Hygro-Thermometer Features

1.Receives Time Code from the NIST Radio Station WWVB (North American region) to maintain accuracy within 1 second (North America region).
2.Signal chỉ hiển thị tín hiệu tín hiệu trong 3 cấp để hiển thị successful synchronization.
3.LCD displays Time, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Year, Month, Date, and Day
4.Time can be displayed as 12 hay 24 giờ giờ
5.Large 4.3 (109mm) distance
6.Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time (DST).
7.Programmable Alarm Clock with Snooze feature
8.Built-in stand for desktop or wall-mount
9.Complete with built-in stand and three C size batteries

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