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LT-2 / Elitech Moisture Meter

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LT-2 / Elitech Temperature and Humidity Memory is a slim digital thermometer and humidity. It can display temperature and humidity at the same time Remember the highest and lowest values The unit can be switched between ℃ and ℃. Suitable for household, office and laboratory use.
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Thermometer LT-2 Brand Elitech

Digital Thermometer

Product Description:

Elitech LT-2 is an exquisite ultra thin digital thermometer and hygrometer. It could simultaneously display temperature and humidity. Memorize the max and min temperature and humidity values. You can switch between ° C and ℉. It is suitable for household, green house, office and labs. LT-2

Technical Parameters:

Temperature measuring range: -5 ° C ~ + 50 ° C (23 ℉ ~ 122 ℉);
Humidity measuring range: 30% RH ~ 90% RH;
Resolution: 1;
Accuracy: temperature: ± 1 ° C
Power supply: DC3.0V, one button cell CR2032

Operation instructions:

Power on: Place the switch to "ON", LCD displays full screen and then displays the measuring temperature value for 2 sec;
° C / ℉: Switch between ° C and ℉;
Min: Displays the memorized Min.temperature and humidity values.
Max: Displays the memorized Max.temperature and humidity values.


LCD displays faintly when the button cell is in low power. Please replace it.
Battery replacement: Pull out the battery box and put into one battery with right polarity, then push into the battery box.

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