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The work of a light meter

Key Ingredients Metering The photo sensor and the measurement display. The light-emitting diodes have the function of receiving light, which is a form of energy converted into an analog electrical signal. And processed by a controller that converts brightness to digital. By the display. Depends on manufacturer design.

แสง Properties of the wave. And the energy depends on the frequency of the light. Based on the assumptions of Max Planck (E = nhf). Measurement unit of light There are several measurement units, including:

1. Brightness temperature (temperature)

2. Illuminance (illuminance or illumination) (SI unit: lux)

3. Luminous flux (SI units: lumen)

4. Luminous intensity (SI units: candela)

5. Brightness of light (brilliance) or amplitude (amplitude)

6. Color or frequency.

Polarization (polarization) or angle of vibration (angle of vibration)

In general, the use of light metering for the analysis of tasks such as the quality control of the production of light bulbs. Quantity Survey Light Intensity Research into devices that affect the organism, etc. Light intensity, depending on the intensity of light from the source directly. The illumination range also affects the light intensity that reaches the object or the measuring device. So, the environment in use. Metering That's what the user must take into account.


LX-90 Lux meter Light meter

Science instruments Light Meter Meter Light Meter> LX-90 Lux meter Light Meter Light / Lux Meter
45170CM Environment Meter
45170CM Anemometer

45170CM EXTECH Anemometer

8,300.00 ฿
45170CM EXTECH Wind speed, temperature, humidity, light in one. The blades are designed to reduce friction and increase the precision of the machine.
AR823 Lux Meter

AR823 / SMART SENSOR Lux Meter

3,200.00 ฿
AR823 / SMART SENSOR Lux Meter Measuring Range 1 to 200,000 Lux Resolution 1 Lux
EN300 Humidity, Wind Speed
EN300 Hygro-Thermo Meter

EN300 EXTECH 5-in-1 Environmental Meter

11,900.00 ฿
EN300 EXTECH Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Light and Sound The 5-in-1 Environmental Meter in a single unit is easy to use.
GM1010 Lux Meter
GM1010 Lux Meter

GM1010 BENETECH Digital Meter Lux Meter

GM1010 BENETECH Digital Meter Lux Meter displays LUX and temperature simultaneously. 0 metering range up to 200000 LUX
GM1020 Digital Light Meter
GM1020 Digital Light Meter

GM1020 BENETECH Digital Meter Lux Meter

GM1020 BENETECH Digital Meter Lux Meter displays LUX and temperature simultaneously. 0 metering range up to 200000 LUX

LT40 EXTECH LED Light Meter

4,400.00 ฿
LT40 EXTECH LED Light Meter LED Light Meter for general lighting and general lighting. Lux and FC Metering 400,000 lux

Color LED Light Meter LT45

10,800.00 ฿
Science instruments Light Meter Light Meter Light Meter Light Meter

Digital Light Meter LX-1330B

1,790.00 ฿
2,059.00 ฿
Handheld Digital Light Meter LX1330B Illuminance Meter Measuring 200000 Lux, High Accuracy and Rapid Response. LX1330B có thể chọn từ 0 tới 200,000 lux
LX-90 + Light Meter
LX-90 + Light Meter

LX-90 + / AMTAST Digital Lux Meter

1,950.00 ฿
LX-90 + / AMTAST Digital Meter Digital Lux Meter Portable LCD screen LCD Metering Range 0 to 100,000 Lux

MS6612 MASTECH Digital Lux Meter

2,950.00 ฿
MS6612 MASTECH Digital Light Meter Lux Meters 200,000 Lux Metering is easy to use and fully portable.

Digital Light Meter Luminous Flux Meter TES-1330A

3,950.00 ฿
Digital Light Meter Luminous Flux Meter With Competitive TES-1330A Spectral Sensitivity close to CIE photo pic Curve. Cosine Angular corrected
TM-201 Light Meter
TM-201 Light Meter

TM-201 TENMARS Light Meter LUX / Ligth Meter

2,700.00 ฿
TM-201 TENMARS LUX / FC Light Meter is ideal for measuring light intensity in general applications such as warehouses, factories, office buildings.
TM-201L Light Meter
TM-201L Light Meter

TM-201L TENMARS LED Light Meter (LUX / FC) Meter

2,700.00 ฿
TM-201L TENMARS Silicon photodiode light sensor with filter Exposure to almost any kind of light source, portable LCD display.

TM-202 TENMARS Light Meter

2,500.00 ฿
TM-202 TENMARS Light Meter LCD Meter Easy to use Probe length approx. 1.5 meter
TM-203 Light Meter
TM-203 Light Meter

TM-203 TENMARS Light Meter

5,900.00 ฿
TM-203 TENMARS Light Meter Easy to use. With a portable manual
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