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AE-205 Anti-static Gun

AE-205 ARMEKA Anti-Static Gun

3,980.00 ฿
AE-205 ARMEKA Anti-static Gun Ionizing Air Gun Anti-static Gun Anti-static gun Anti-static wind guns, decay guns, static electricity.
AE-210FC Anti-static Gun

AE-210FC ARMEKA Anti-Static Gun

13,900.00 ฿
AE-210FC ARMEKA Anti-static Gun Ionizer Air Gun Anti-Static Cleaner for ESD Anti-static gun
Cer ae700 (2)

AE-700 Surface Resistance Meter

5,900.00 ฿
AE-700 Surface Resistance MeterAE-700 is an ultra wide-range, battery operated, portable instrument for measuring surface resistivity of almost flat and conforming to ASTM D-257 standard by using recommended ...

AE-770 ESD Tester

23,500.00 ฿
ESD Tester Static Meter Static electricity Inspection> ESD Meter AE-770

AE-780 ARMEKA Surface Resistance meter

7,900.00 ฿
AE-780 ARMEKA Surface Resistance meter Surface resistance tester with LED status indicator Compact and portable.
AE-780A Static Meter

AE-780A ARMEKA Static Meter

13,900.00 ฿
AE-780A ARMEKA The Surface Resistance Meter measures the electrical resistance of the surface.
AE-790 (1) _600

AE-790 Static Checker Meter Static Checker

19,000.00 ฿
ESD Tester ESD (Electrostatic Field Meter) AE-790 Inspection

AE-800 Digital Megohmmeter

43,500.00 ฿
ESD Tester ESD Tester (Electrostatic Field Meter) AE-800 Inspection

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