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LCR Meter

LCR Meter Coil Resistance Meter Resistance (R), Capacitance (C), Inductance (L), Brand Extech

Coil resistance meter

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GVA-503 / JEDTO Resistance Capacitance Diode Test Multimeter Meter R / C SMD

1,950.00 ฿
Resistance meter Capacitance Diode Testers, Multimeters, Meter R / C, SMD GVA-503
LCR200 Resistance Meter
LCR200 Resistance Meter

EXTECH LCR200 Passive Component LCR Meter

9,800.00 ฿
Extech LCR200 Passive Component LCR Meter LCR
380193 LCR Meter
380193 LCR Meter

380193 EXTECH Coil Resistance Meter

8,300.00 ฿
380193 EXTECH LCR Meter Lens Meter Easy-to-read LCD display with portable guide
DT-9935 LCR Meter
DT-9935 CEM

DT-9935 / CEM Professional LCR Meter

8,100.00 ฿
DT-9935 / CEM Professional LCR Meter Selects automatic measurement of L, C and R with Q, D and θ. And automatic shutdown after idle.
IM3523 LCR Meter
IM3523 LCR Meter

IM3523 / HIOKI LCR Meter

IM3523 / HIOKI The LCR Meter has a wide measuring range (DC, 40Hz to 200, 5 to 5, 10 to 50). Accuracy ± 0.05%
IM3533 LCR Meter
IM3533 Coil Resistance Meter

IM3533 / HIOKI LCR Meter

IM3533 / HIOKI The LCR Meter has a wide range of measuring ranges (DC, 1mHz to 200, 5, 5, 10uA to 50mA). Accuracy ± 0.05%
IM3536 Coil Resistance Meter
IM3536 LCR Meter

IM3536 / HIOKI LCR Meter

IM3536 / HIOKI LCR Meter High Precision Resistance Meter ± 0.05% RDG Fast response
IM3590 Chemical Impedance Analyze
IM3590 LCR Meter

IM3590 / HIOKI Chemical Impedance Analyzer

465,000.00 ฿
IM3590 / HIOKI Resistance Meter Chemical Impedance Analyzer Wide Measurement Range 1 mHz to 200 kHz Accuracy ± 0.05% Fast Response Measurement

SMD Component Tweezers Coil Resistance LCR203

2,600.00 ฿
LCR Meter Resistance Capacitance Inductance Meter LCR203: SMD Component Tweezers
LCR205 LCR Meter

SMD Component Fixture LCR205

2,900.00 ฿
Resistance Capacitance Inductance Meter> LCR205: SMD Component Fixture
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