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Multimeter is an electrical measuring instrument. Voltage and Electrical Resistance are Brand Extech, Kyoritsu, Cem


3000A AC Flex Clamp-on Adapter CA3010

5,200.00 ฿
10 Flexible Clamp Adapter for Multimeters / Clamp-On Meters 3000A AC Flex Clamp-on Adapter CA3010

Dual Input RMS AC Voltage / Current Datalogger DL160

11,600.00 ฿
DL160 hai dữ liệu nhập vào RMS có dữ liệu RIM / hiện thời dữ liệu được dùng để ghi ra 256,000 thành giá trị RMS hiện thời và voltage phát hiện.
ADM08D Digital Multimeter

ADM08D BSIDE Multimeter Digital Multimeter

1,690.00 ฿
ADM08D BSIDE Multimeter 6000 Counts True RMS Digital Multimeter High-quality function, temperature, floodlight

3008 / Hioki Multimeter Multimeter

3008 / Hioki Multimeter Multimeter for industrial applications High-power fuse protected up to 50,000A AC / DC multimeter 600V / 1MΩ Designed to prevent falling (1m) Easy to use. The machine is strong and durable.
3030 - 10

3030-10 / Hioki Multimeter Multimeter

3030-10 / Hioki Multimeter Multimeter with improved safety features AC / DC 600V / DC Multimeter 300mA / 3MΩ Voltage protection up to 250V AC Designed to prevent falling (Drop 1m)
3244 - 60

3244-60 / Hioki Multimeter Digital Multimeter

3244-60 / Hioki Digital Multimeter Multimeter Compact design Easy to carry, easy to use for maintenance or electrical testing AC / DC Voltage, Resistance, Continuity, 9.5 ...
3245 - 60

3245-60 / Hioki Multimeter Digital Multimeter

3245-60 / Hioki Multimeter Multimeter Digital Multimeter is powered by a solar panel. AC / DC Voltage, Resistance, Continuity measurement function, comes with red and black Sleeves, with storage compartment on the back of the brand Hioki, Japan
3246 - 60

3246-60 / Hioki Multimeter Multimeter

3246-60 / Hioki Multimeter Multimeter Pen type AC / DC 600V AC / DC Voltage Measurement Function, Resistance, Continuity, Diode Screen LCD Backlight, LED Penlight Brand Hioki, Japan

380224-NIST / Extech Heavy Duty Phase Indicator / MultiMeter

Heavy Duty Phase Indicator / MultiMeter 380224-phase sequence plus MultiMeter with Frequency, Capacitance, and Temperature functions.

38070 / EXTECH Multimeter Multimeter

38070 / EXTECH Multimeter Multimeter Extech's 38070 offers the advantage of an analogue meter with a pocket-friendly size and detachable leads.
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