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CB0102 / OHAUS Triple Beam Balance

3,800.00 ฿
CB0102 / OHAUS Triple Beam Balance Weighing Scales are 3 weighing scales manufactured in the USA. Weighing between 0-2,610 grams by reading the built-in 0-610 grams and having extra weight. Weighing up to 0.1 ...

1119-DO Weighing Scale

Scale Room Scale LAB Weighing Scale Precision Balance> Precision Scale 1119-DO Scale Ohaus Heavy Duty The Industry Standard for Precision and High Capacity Weighing

High-Precision Scale 1550-SD - Out of stock

14,800.00 ฿
Scale Room Scale LAB Scale Precision Balance> Scale Precision 1550-SD Scale Ohaus Harvard Trip Two pan design - ideal for comparative weighing
2400 - 11

Scale 2400-11 Scale - Out of stock

Scale Room Scales LAB Weighing Scale Precision Balance> Scale Precision 2400-11 Scale Ohaus Field Accurate weighing test even under the most adverse conditions
311 - 00

Scale of high accuracy scales 311-00 - is out of stock.

Scale Weighing In-Room LAB Weighing Scale Precision Balance> Precision Scales 311-00 Scale Ohaus Dial-O-Gram® and Cent-O-Gram® High precision and remarkable value

750-SW Weighing Scale

Scale 750-SW Ohaus Triple Balance Beam Balance Ohaus 750-SW Mechanical Triple Beam Balance Scale with Stainless Steel Plate Weigh Pan, Capacity: 2,610 grams x 0.1 grams
Defender 2000
Defender 2000 OHAUS

2000 OHAUS Defender Standard Series Bench Scale

Defender 2000 Series OHAUS Weighing Scales Weight Scale Designed for use in industrial weighing applications. Rugged LCD touch screen.
Defender 3000 scales
Defender 3000 OHAUS

Defender 3000 OHAUS Weighing Economical Bench Scales

Defender 3000 OHAUS Weighing Scale Economical Bench Scales

Precision Balances JA-3200 - Out of stock

13,860.00 ฿
Precision Balances JA-3200 Precision Balances 3200 Grams

Ohaus MB23 Moisture Analyzer

34,900.00 ฿
Ohaus MB23 Moisture Analyzer By baking and weighing. The 0.1%

Ohaus MB25 Moisture Analyzer

43,500.00 ฿
Ohaus MB25 Moisture Analyzer By baking and weighing. In the moisture analysis.

MB27 OHAUS Moisture Analysis

45,900.00 ฿
MB27 OHAUS Moisture Analysis Moisture Analysis LCD Backlit LCD Backlight Max Capacity 90

Ohaus MB27 Moisture Analyzer

45,900.00 ฿
Ohaus MB27 Moisture Analyzer By baking and weighing. The 0.01% moisture analyzer is heated by a Halogen lamp.

MB35 Moisture Analyzer Ohaus - Released

73,000.00 ฿
Science instruments Science equipment Moisture Meters> Moisture Meters> Ohaus Moisture Meter MB35 Ohaus Moisture Analyzer (MB35)

Ohaus MB45 Moisture Analyzer

73,000.00 ฿
Ohaus MB45 Moisture Analyzer
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