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PH-009II TleadPH-009II pH Meter

PH-009II / JEDTO pH Meter pH Meter

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PH-009II / JEDTO pH Meter Measurement Range 0.00-14.00pH Compact and portable.
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PH Meters PH-009II

pH Meter

PH-009II pH MeterHigh Accuracy Pocket-size PH Tester

Model PH-009 (II) pen-type pH meter uses combined pH electrode of high sensitivity, fast response, and good repetition as probe. With 31 / 2 liquid crystal display, the meter is reliable, stable, portable, and convenient to operate, especially for field measurement. It is praised by home and aboard. This product was exported in batches.

It is applicable to determine pH value of water solution in the department of medical treatment, environmental protection, scientific research, college and mechanical plant etc


Range: 0.00 - 14.00 pH

Resolution: 0.01 pH

Accuracy: ± 0.1 pH

automatically Temperature Compensation: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C

Battery: 4 x 1.5V (AG-13 button cell)

Duration: 700 hrs

Operating Temperature : 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C

Dimensions: 170 mm x 36 mm x 23 mm

Weight: 85 g

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