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Amount of dustIn Bangkok, rising beyond the standard again within a few weeks Which the Pollution Control Department warned that people should acknowledge Because it is harmful to patients with respiratory diseases

issuedust Didn't happen for the first time in Bangkok But different this year Is that it happened faster and longer than the past years

Pollution Control Department recommends Respiratory disease patients And patients with cardiovascular disease Avoid outdoor activities And if there is an abnormal condition, should see a doctor But believe that the situation will improve after mid-February

"Hear the news since last week But wearing because it is not already comfortable And it feels inconvenient to breathe Ladprao is very clear since last week. "Ms. Prae Rung Tri, who lives in Ladprao Said to BBC Thailand Ratchaprasong Intersection

"Mom, I feel. Like in the past, he would say that this kind of weather, do not go outside because it is not comfortable, "she said.

PM 2.5

PM 2.5

On the morning of 7, last February, the 4 Bangkok weather monitoring stationMeasure dust PM2.5 Get 63-74, mg / m3, which exceeds the standard and continues to increase from yesterday

In addition, information from the website, which brings numbers from Pollution Control Department Compared to the air quality index 0-500 according to US criteria Found that during the last 2 days, the numberdustIn Bangkok is at the red level (151-200) which is considered "affecting health" almost always

7: 00, the day of 8 Feb, the index rose as high as 203, which is considered "having a huge impact on health". The Pollution Control Department has explained that the average number must be taken daily. In measuring the criteria of the United States

How should Bangkok residents worry?

This is not the first time at the level.dustRaised concerns for Bangkok residents, but problemsdustThis year is different from other years because it comes faster and stays longer.

Mr. Thaloensak Petchsuwan, Director of Air and Noise Quality Management Office Pollution Control Department Suggest that the situation should be monitored. Although still not in crisis

"Should be aware And be careful at a certain level If we are in a risk group People with respiratory diseases Be a little careful Some doctors said that inhaling this type of dust can cause blood to thicken. And making the heart work harder

He explained that it is normal to have dust problems during the season change. Especially at the end of the year and the beginning of the year But this year came earlier than last year Which usually occurs in mid-February due to the foggy weather Causing the sunlight to not reach the ground Dust accumulates because there is no force to float.

Amount of dust PM2.5 From the measurement station at the edge of the road, Din Daeng Road, average year 1 (BE 2554-2559)

Unit: Mgc. / M3

Dust Quantity PM 2.5

Source: Air and Noise Quality Management Bureau

"We used to have more violence in this year. 2559 numbers are higher. But it was a short one day and disappeared But this time it was several days in the level of 40-80.

Every time the Department of Pollution Control found that the dust was higher than the standard Will coordinate with Bangkok officials to monitor and tighten activities that will cause dust

Data from the Meteorological Department indicated that This variant of air pressure will reach the next week. That means that there is a tendency for problemsdustWill be eased since the middle of this month

PM 2.5

What is PM2.5?

Dust PM2.5 Is dust that is smaller than 2.5 microns or compared to smaller than 3% of human hair diameter

This tiny dust Occurs from many types of activities, such as combustion of engines. And construction, which is 2, the main cause of air pollution in large cities

Dust PM2.5 Harmful to health Because it can travel through the respiratory tract to the lungs and blood stream easily Increase the chance of heart disease and respiratory diseases And must be protected by wearing a mask that is especially standard for small dust protection

Din more dust every year

Report prepared by the Air Quality Information Department Air Quality Management Bureau andthe sound show that PM2.5 dust The annual average of the area along the Din Daeng Road in Bangkok tends to increase during the year 2554-2559.

Last year Beijing city of China Faced with a dusty crisis that is worse than Bangkok With averagePM2.5 dust The whole year to 85 micrograms per cubic meter Which is comparable to smoking 4 per day

One of the problems of the Chinese authorities is to force people to switch between using their own cars on a certain date, while in the year 2559 Bangkok is ranked as the busiest city in the world. And there are still a number of new registered vehicles continuing to increase

"Not yet reached the Chinese level We may be at the start of China. But we in Bangkok have to help each other about the vehicle. Bangkok's main pollution problem In traffic If the traffic is good Will help reduce pollution, "said Mr. Thinglingsak.

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