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Clarification of warranty conditions for products and services.

Dear, customer

You are interested in our products. To enhance the understanding and reduce problems after the sale. Consider the terms of the product and service warranty before ordering.

Warranty Information (Click the image below to download the document)

We guarantee the quality of products under conditions. And the period specified in this warranty.

Warranty Period

  • Free spare parts and labor

Terms of Delivery

  • Customers bring the machine to the company.
  • Send mail
  • For customers want. The company receives the goods. The company charges the distance.

Processing time / Check / bid results

  • 7-10 business days from the date of receipt.
  • Product used during repair. There are some models and some only. So the company reserves the right to consider or not. The company's conditions.


  • No charge If the product is in the condition of the warranty. (As detailed in the warranty)
  • Service Charge / Repair by Quotation The product is not in warranty condition.
  • Items not covered by the warranty. If not approved. We reserve the right to charge an initial 900 Baht per unit.

Payment terms / * The company does not accept payment for service.

  • Transfer to the company account. Before shipping
  • Pick up and payment at the company.

การ บริการ

  • Training / Problem Analysis Outside the Company The company charges. Time and distance If the customer buys a new product. Want to train outside. Please inform the sales department for more quotes.
  • Training service for problem analysis at Proctronics Intertrade Co., Ltd. free of charge. (For products within the warranty period)

Replacement Because the problem. (Original product)

  • The product is not working properly or is unusable. Comply with the terms of the warranty. (Warranty certificate)
  • No more than 7 days from the date of receiving the product (if 7 exceeded the repair date). The replacement period depends on the stock of the product.
  • Replacement will only change. the machine The only problem. Do not change the box / accessories or package.
  • If the customer wants to change the box, Package the goods due to defective or unsatisfactory condition, which may be due to the delivery or process of the distributor. Customers must notify within 1 days after receiving the product, the company is willing to change the new machine with the box, package products to customers.

Replacement or refund

  • The company does not accept or change. Every return

The Company reserves the right not to take any responsibility for any product or service. If the customer does not contact the product within 90 days after the bid or report the repair.


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The following terms and conditions apply.

We guarantee the quality of products under conditions. And the period specified in this warranty.

Please read carefully.

    • Warranty does not apply. Parts made of glass, electric bulbs or electric coils.
    • EC meter, DO 6 guaranteed conditional month is working properly with type I do not know how to do it.
    • PH electrode / ORP electrode (ORP Electrode) guaranteed. Change the head of the new free.

Tips for Buying a pH Meter

The pH Meter / ORP Meter is available in many different types. Suitable for the type of work to be measured, such as liquid, water, waste water, cream, oil, soil, so users should select the appropriate measure. If you use the wrong type. Sensor may be damaged.

* Care for pH / ORP is important. Therefore, the user should carefully follow the supervision manual.

  • Meters or other devices other than water quality meters. Warranty excludes sensors, probes, blades, hotwire of all kinds.
  • Warranty does not include Keypad or KEYPAD damage
  • The warranty does not include missing or defective cables, which may be caused by pulling tension or shock.
  • Continuous operation is beyond the capabilities of the device or misuse.
  • Modifications, additions, modifications or repairs by persons who are not representatives of the Company.
  • Defective equipment Due to rust, dust is some chemicals or stored in place. High temperature The humidity is too high to exceed the limit of the machine, natural disaster or any accident.
  • Equipment with wear Or deteriorate from normal use. It must change with age. This is not a waste of production. Or the quality of the product used.
  • Damage caused by power failure or over-supply to the machine.
  • Damage caused by severe shocks or dropping.

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