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Products tagged as: Thickness Gauges

PONPE 936FN Coating Thickness Gauge Coating Thickness Gauge is a color coating on steel and aluminum. Measurement range 0-1500μm / 0-60mil Bluetooth connectivity. View Mobile value with Export as Excel, PDF. have

GX-CT01 / JEDTO Coating Thickness Gauge Thickness Gauge is suitable for metalworking industry. Chemical industry And product inspection, especially in the car market.

PONPE 926FN / PONPE INSTRMENTS Coating Thickness Gauge Coating Thickness Gauge And aluminum Wide measuring range 0-1250um

GM100 BENETECH Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Thickness gauges for steel, aluminum, stainless steel, hard materials.

GM280F BENETECH Film / Coating Thickness Gauge Measuring Range 0 ~ 1800μm Resolution 0.1μm

GM130 BENETECH Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Measuring Range 1.0 ~ 300mm (Steel), 0.01mm

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