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PONPE 423 Thermometer Probe Thermometer is widely used in food applications such as cooking in the kitchen, water, oil, barbecue, meat oven temperature. You can also see the maximum / minimum values.

TPM10 / JEDTO LCD Thermometer Digital Thermometer LCD screen Measuring range -50 to 70 degrees Celsius resolution 0.1 degrees Celsius

BT-3 / Elitech Hygro-Thermometer Hygrometer. Large LCD screen, able to choose ° C / ° F units. There is a time display function.

TH300 Milwaukee Thermistor Thermometer Thermometer Range -50.0 to 150.0 ° C High Accuracy

TM26 EXTECH Waterproof Temperature Indicator - NSF Certified NSF certified for use in the food industry. And laboratory

TP3001 Digital Thermometer Long Term Probe 15 cm Large LCD Display Easy to read Range -50 to 300 ° C

RHT3 EXTECH EzSmart ™ Hygro-Thermometer Compatible with Android or iOS devices.

PT-002 JEDTO Thermometer Thermometer Temperature Range -40 to 50 ° C (-40 to 120 ° F) Suitable for interior measurements.

TM-82N TENMARS Thermometer Thermometer can accurately measure temperature with basic accuracy. 0.05%

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