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AC / DC Magnetic / Datalogger Magnetic field recorder SDL900 Brand Extech

The Extech testers test GFCI circuits and for faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles.

DV40 is a multipurpose instrument that can serve as both an AC voltage detector and an Infrared thermometer.

M266F MASTECH Clamp Meter AC / DC Voltage Testers, AC Current, Resistance & Frequency

VICTOR 70C Multimeter Multimeter AC / DC Voltmeter AC / DC current meter can be connected to a computer.

SC-T4 OPTEX Transmitter Power supply AC100-240V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz

True RMS 200A AC Open Jaw Clamp Meter Clamp Meter MA260 Brand Extech

Portable, accurate AC voltage detector locates breaks in cables and detects AC voltage without contact

Quickly checks for correct wiring of AFCI / GFCI outlets and circuit breakers. AFCI, GFCI and AC Circuit Load Tester CT80

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