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BWS-5 / BLUEPARD Digital Water Bath Bathtub 5.4L Multi-Function LCD Display

LHH-800GSD / BLUEPARD large drug stability test chamber The new fluorine-free design provides high efficiency, low energy consumption and energy saving.

LHH-150GP / BLUEPARD Moisture Control Cabinet The Medicine Stability Testing Chamber is made of stainless steel. Easy to clean Precise and consistent temperature control.

DHG-9245A / BLUEPARD Drying Oven The stainless steel cabinet is easy to use. Digital display Automatic warning after shutdown

IT-09C15 / BLUEPARD Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer Easy to use Display temperature, speed and countdown In the same display.

MPG-20C / BLUEPARD Hot Water Bath Rifrigirated Circulating Water Bath Provides accurate and consistent temperature. Suitable for industrial and mining colleges and scientific research agencies.

BPS-50CL / BLUEPARD TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY INCUBATOR BPS-50CL Multi-stage programmable PID controller adopts TMHM balanced temperature control and humidity control method, and humidity control has small fluctuation.

DZF-6020 / BLUEPARD Vacuum Oven VACUUM OVEN Vacuum Oven is designed for drying of material which is thermo-sensitive or decompounded and oxidative easily. It can be filled with inert gases, which is especially for a dry drying. of some compound material.

DHG-9091A / BLUEPARD Drying Oven The stainless steel design. The cabinet can be easily cleaned. Can adjust the space between the shelves in the room. LCD display PID controller with timer.

THZ-98C / BLUEPARD SHAKING INCUBATOR THZ-98C Shaker Temperature Controller Brand: BLUEPARD Large LCD screen, stainless steel design Easy to clean Automatic speed control

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