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Products tagged as: conductivity

ECCON500BT / EUTECH Standard Conductivity Standard Solution This standard is based on NIST, providing an accuracy of ± 5% at 25 Celsius. The solution packed in 480® ML bottles is a durable plastic bottle. Economical and convenient for use in the laboratory.

Buffer Standard Solution Standard Solution> Conductivity Buffer Solution ECCON1288BT 12.88 mS / cm EC Solution, 480 mL Bottle

ECCON84BT / EUTECH Conductivity Standard Solution 84 uS / Cm 480 ml. Economical and easy to use in the laboratory.

Conductivity Conductivity Meter EC Meter Conductivity Meter> EC Meter Conductivity Meter Model EC100

EC Meter EC / TDS / Temperature Conductivity meter> Conductivity meter> Conductivity meter

CON900 AMTAST Conductivity Meter TDS Salinity and Temperature TDS / salinity / Temperature / Conductivity Meter

COM-100 HM Digital EC / TDS / Temperature Water Meter EC / TDS / Temperature Meter Waterproof Calibrate button press for water quality measurement EC Fertilizer Hydroponics

860033 SPER SCIENTIFIC pH Meter PH Meter Conductivity Meter - ATC - pH / ORP / mV / EC / TDS / Salt / Temp. - 5 Calibration Point

EX006 / Extech Weighted Base and Solution Cups Kit The EX006 is a Weighted Base and Solution Cups Kit. For use with Extech Water Quality Meters Like the PH110 ExStik Refillable pH Meter or EC500 Waterproof ExStik II For the measurements

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