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Products tagged as: emf meter

EMF450 EXTECH Magnetic Field Meter RF Field Multi-Field EMF Meter

GM3120 BENETECH Electromagnetic Field Meter Electromacnetic Radiation Tester Single simultaneous data reader between electric field (V / m) and magnetic field (μT).

TM-192 TENMARS 3-axis EMF Meter can be used to measure Electromagnetic field Very Low Frequency (ELF) From 30 to 2000 Hz

TM-190 TENMARS meter magnetic color TFT LCD display size 2.4 3 inch measurement parameters and a compact portable.

TM-191 TENMARS The Gauss Meter is ideal for measuring the intensity of electromagnetic fields from electrical appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators.

EMF Meter> Electromagnetic field meter Magnetic field> 480823: Single axis EMF / ELF Meter Magnetic field meter

MF100 / EXTECH magnetic field meter, AC / DC Magnetic Field Meter for measuring the signal transmission equipment, power transmission line, microwave oven, air conditioner, etc.

AS1392 / SMART SENSOR EMF METER EMERGENCY MONITOR Easy to use, fast response, accurate and accurate alarms. When the test results exceed the value

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