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HT-6510C / HITECH Shore Hardness Tester Hardness Tester is suitable for measuring the hardness of plastic tires. Measuring range 0-100HC

TM-8811 / HITECH Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is used in the petroleum industry, shipbuilding, power generation, and machinery manufacturing.

CM8826FN / HITECH Coating Thickness Gauge Coating Thickness Gauge And aluminum Wide measuring range 0-1250um

Tachometer Speed ​​Motor Tachometer Tachometer Digital Tachometer RPM Meter> Digital Stroboscope DT-2350PA

Science instruments Moisture Meter Moisture Meter MD-6G Moisture Meter Moisture Meter Moisture Meter

MC-7806 / HITECH Grain Moisture Meter Non-conductive materials such as wood, paper grains

Master-Q Series / JEDTO DI Water Purifier Deionized Pure Water can produce water from 15 to 30 liter per hour.

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