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Grain Moisture Tester Grain Moisture Tester can be tested for wheat, corn, Japanese rice, indica rice, soybean, rice, sorghum, corn, beans, barley, sunflower seeds, seeds. Coffee, cocoa beans, peanuts

HT-2000 / JEDTO Carbon Dioxide Meter Temperature and humidity Multi-function Digital CO2 Temp / RH / data logger Monitor Large LCD display and easy-to-read light. Can display CO2 time and date in real practice.

AMT225 / JEDTO Digital Thermometer Waterproof Digital Thermometer for Food or Oil Water ..., reads fast within 5. Automatically opens when the probe is unfolded. LCD can be rotated 180 degrees.

TPM10 / JEDTO LCD Thermometer Digital Thermometer LCD screen Measuring range -50 to 70 degrees Celsius resolution 0.1 degrees Celsius

KTP-03G / JEDTO Thermocouple Wire Type K Thermocouple Temperature Gauge: Maximum Temperature: 500 Celsius Can bend any shape without affecting performance.

101-2801 / JEDTO Digital Caliper Digital Caliper LCD Calibrated LCD Calibration Range 0 to 200 mm Resolution 0.01 mm / 0.0005 Resolution "

NR-81531B / JEDTO Thermocouple type K thermocouple thermometer is suitable for measuring the temperature of small smooth surfaces and curved surfaces. Temperature range -50 to 400 ° C

AW006 / JEDTO Weather Meter Professional Colorful WIFI APP Weather Station Automatically upload data to server.

GX-CT01 / JEDTO Coating Thickness Gauge Thickness Gauge is suitable for metalworking industry. Chemical industry And product inspection, especially in the car market.

RHA-200ATC / JEDTO Antifreeze / Battery / Cleaning Fluids Refractometer E: -60 ° C-0 ° C: -50 ° C-0 ° CB: 1.100-1.400sg optical refractometer

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