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SL5868P / NICETY Sound Level Meter You can download the information from the volume meter to your PC via RS232.

Thermometer thermometer Measurement Tool Thermometer Thermometer & Hygro-Thermometer THERMOMETER THERMOMETER TH-805A

Thermo-Hygrometer Meters and Recorders Thermo-Hygrometer> Thermometer 2 Thermo-Hygrometer TH91A (TH802A) Thermo-Hygrometer

LX801 NICETY Light Meter Digital Light Meter Large LCD screen is easy to read. 0 can be calibrated.

ST3080 Nicety salinity meter Temperature / Salt Meter is a pen measure. Can measure salinity and temperature.

ST-830L Nicety Digital Multimeter LCD multimeter with overload protection

ST8020 Nicety Anemometer Wind speed meter, Wind chill and temperature in one unit LCD display and portable waterproof

ST816 NICETY Anemometer Wind speed and temperature meter in one unit LCD display Wind speed sensor The unit is lightweight, easy to carry.

NR-81531C NICETY Thermocouple Probe K Type Surface Temperature Probe Measurement of the hedgehog. Easy to carry.

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