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Products tagged as: temperature

TM-305U TENMARS Temperature and Humidity Datalogger for temperature and humidity.

Weather Station Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure Weather Station 2 Sensor In or Outdoor Humidity Temp Barometer RCC 110V or 220V Model WTH901

TM-306U TENMARS Temperature Meter On the one machine there is a red LED light, Alarm and Green light. Record on the compact size, easy to carry.

TM-188D TENMARS Moisture Meter LCD Monitor with Back Panel, Includes CD Software, 9V Battery, User's Manual

RC-5 / Elitech Temperature Data Logger is suitable for recording temperature during storage and transportation. Cold storage room, warehouse, refrigerator, transportation vehicle.

Carbon Dioxide Carbon Monoxide CO2 Meter quality monitoring> Carbon monoxide Indoor Air Quality CO2 Monitor CO220

TM500 Extech 12-Channel Datalogging Thermometer displays and stores temperature readings up to 12 thermocouple temperature probes.

Compact Stem Thermometer with 2.4 "(61mm) stainless steel probe

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