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TM-91N / TENMARS Radiation Monitor Radiometric, gamma and x-ray radiation detectors are useful for detecting safety, nuclear, medical, mining and metallurgical environments.

TM-82N TENMARS Thermometer Thermometer can accurately measure temperature with basic accuracy. 0.05%

TM-205 TENMARS Ligtht Meter is a simple, easy-to-read LCD display. With instructions for use

TM-201 TENMARS LUX / FC Light Meter is ideal for measuring light intensity in general applications such as warehouses, factories, office buildings.

TM-188 TENMARS The Heat Stress WBGT Meter has a fast response and accurate measurement.

TM-192 TENMARS 3-axis EMF Meter can be used to measure Electromagnetic field Very Low Frequency (ELF) From 30 to 2000 Hz

TM-414 TENMARS is a measurement device that can measure wind speed and Temperature, humidity in one machine Suitable for general-purpose wind speed measurements.

ST-130 TENMARS Noise Dose Meter Easy to use. With a portable manual

TM-203 TENMARS Light Meter Easy to use. With a portable manual

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