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Products tagged as: thermocouple

KTP-03G / JEDTO Thermocouple Wire Type K Thermocouple Temperature Gauge: Maximum Temperature: 500 Celsius Can bend any shape without affecting performance.

Testo 0613 1912 Surface Probe for Refrigeration System Analyzer Measuring Range -58 to + 302 ° F

TT-K-30-SLE Omega Thermocouple Wire Type K / Fine Wire Duplex Insulation Temperature Range -267 to 260 ° C

NR-81533B / JEDTO Temperature Probe Thermo-Sensor Temperature Probe -50 to 500C

Thermocouple Type K Thermocouple Probe Measurement Range up to 500C Model WRNM-106

DT-610B / CEM Digital Thermometer 1 Thermocouple Type K Thermocouple Type -50 to 1,300 C

PRT-TK36 Thermocouple Type K Temperature Probe, Temperature Measuring Range-100 to 1250 ° C, Probe Length 100 mm, Diameter 5 mm, Cable made of Fiberglass Insulation, 3 Length.

PONPE 421PR Thermocouple Type K Temperature Probe. Pointed end made of stainless steel. Temperature range-50 to 500C. Probe length 20 cm. Accuracy +/- 1.5C. Diameter 4 mm. Spring probe length can be extended up to 2 meters.

FLIR TA60 Thermocouple thermocouple thermocouple probe with adapter Used to measure air or surface temperature. (Not liquid)

Testo 0602 0693 Surface probe with a small measuring head (TC type K) Measuring range -60 ° C to + 1000 ° C

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