Water Conductivity (EC)

In the past, water was a necessity and a very important factor in sustaining consumption and consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to check and control the quality to be clean and safe. Nowadays, there are growing vegetables that can grow in water, also known as. Hydroponics Water quality must be controlled.Conductivity in water(Electric Conductivity) does not exceed the set value. So there are tools that can measureConductivity in waterIs the machine EC Meter Designed to be easy, convenient and fast to check. The EC solution can be calibrated manually. To increase the accuracy and accuracy of conductivity measurement in water (Electric ConductivityHere is an example of a standard EC solution calibrated with the EC400 EC meter:

EC400 EXTECH Conductivity Meter

1. The EC400 is able to calibrate the standard EC solution. 3

84 us / cm, 1413 us / cm and 12,880 us / cm.

EC standard

2 Press the power button. The screen will display a value.temperatureAnd the value of the EC, then the sensor to dip.

Standard EC solution at 84 us / cm. (Before EC calibration,

Swing in clean water or DI water.) Wait until the display is clear. Press "CAL"

Hold down until the screen shows the CAL icon. Release the unit to calibrate it automatically.

The screen will display the end of the calibration. EC standard calibration at 84 us / cm. EC400 EXTECH Conductivity Meter

And continue to calibrate.

3. Clean the probe before calibrating the standard EC solution at 1413 us / cm, then dip.

Insert the meter into the standard EC solution at 1413 us / cm. Press and hold the "CAL" key until the screen is full.

Displays the CAL icon so the unit is calibrated and the screen displays End.

Complete the calibration of the standard EC solution at 1413 us / cm and continue calibration.

4. Calibrate the standard EC solution at 12,880 us / cm by following the procedure in clause 3.

Then pledge the EC Meter EC400 to measure.ConductivityWater (Electric Conductivity: EC)

Precise and accurate.

EC400 EXTECH Conductivity Meter