Features of the MT180 thickness gauge

In general, the thickness gauge we are familiar with is a type gauge. Virginia caliper หรือ micrometer But now the manufacturer has developed. Thickness Gauge

It can be used easily and can measure the thickness without cutting or cutting work by the principle of ultrasonic waves and can also adjust the ultrasonic wave velocity.

It is suitable for the material and can also be recorded. The properties of the tools mentioned above. Thickness Gauge MT180 and Thickness Gauge MT200

This will talk about your outstanding features. Thickness gauge MT180 There is no general thickness gauge. MT180 Thickness Gauge Can measure and read thickness

There are two ways to measure the overall thickness of the workpiece by using the PLUS ECHO function, and more importantly, it can measure and read thickness just a piece of work.

ECHO - ECHO function is not included. MT180 thickness gauge

This is ideal for measuring the thickness required for a variety of measurements.