Selecting a Snake or Camera Borescopes

To work in the narrow or maintenance of a machine where we can not check or see for themselves that it is damaged.

What is it that we can hardly make decisions to repair or replace parts without knowing the parts are actually damaged?

The Snake camera Or camera Borescopes It was created specifically for this purpose by the Snake or Camera. Borescopes We can see that we can not see. To help usCheck the machine or check it is easier by a snake or camera. Borescopes It is designed to be used withงานSuch as maintenance of machinery, repair of electrical or communication systems on the ceiling, repair and inspection of pipes and pipes. งาน Inspection like model PONPE S200 Series, HDV540 In addition, the camera is designed to be able to shoot or save. Videos have

To add more convenience to the user. However, the choice. Snake camera or camera Borescopes Camera shake Any brands other than the benefits.WhyOf each model. Consider the standard of support. And after sales service.