Environmental Impacts in Potential Vibration Measurement

In Vibration meter Sometimes, in the area of ​​operation, the environment is different, which may affect the measurement.

Therefore, consider surrounding environment such as

1 Before we measure, we should explore the point that we measure whether there is a curvature or not to measure the point where the curvature of the contact surface will cause the contact of the probe.

Incomplete contact with the dots will result in inaccurate information. Avoid contact with curved and uneven surfaces.

2 Avoid wet spots.moisture Or the water will interfere with the connector. Between the cable and Head

3. Thermometer In general, the machine has different temperature variations. The temperature will affect the crystal growth. Piezoelectric Inside the head

Therefore, the selection of each probe must take into account the temperature range.

4 CABLE In each application, the cable or conductor should be neatly organized. Do not allow the wires to swing and do not carry anything over the wire.

5 shake it It is necessary to be careful in the use and should be kept well. Do not use in hot areas.

While measuring, do not fall. Should not knock or bump. It may cause damage.